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Marinated Smoked BBQ Shrimp
Teaming up Gourmia® and SmokinLicious® showcases the versatility of cold smoking techniques by infusing smoke into these marinated shrimp with BBQ sauce.  So much smoky flavor is delivered in very little time.  You’ll think your tasty delicacies have been smoked for hours!

The combination of Gourmia® Mini Smoker and SmokinLicious® Minuto® or Piccolo® Wood Chips ensures maximum flavor infusion from a clean, 100% bark-free hardwood.  Select from 8 hardwood species and combine woods for your own customized flavoring. 

We’re demonstrating the versatility of cold smoke techniques by infusing smoke into fresh, uncooked shrimp that have been marinated in BBQ sauce.  I’m using SmokinLicious® Sugar Maple Minuto® Chips in Size 8.  In addition to the smoker and chips, you will need to place your marinated shrimp in a bowl covered with plastic wrap or in a food storage bag, and a lighter. Get ready, for a fun, quick way for fabulous smoked BBQ shrimp, in an instant!

So simple to do, cold smoke generators let you direct the smoke just where you want.  I’ve taken my uncooked shrimp and marinated them overnight in my favorite BBQ sauce.  Any sauce will do whether homemade or store bought.  I set up my Gourmia® MiniSmoker with Size 8 Minuto® Woodchips from SmokinLicious®, inserting the smoker’s tubing directly into my marinade bag.  I seal the bag around the tubing, turn on the smoker, and light the wood chips.  As soon as I see the smoke start to the fill the bag, I turn the smoker off, pull the tubing out, and seal the bag completely.

You can leave the smoke sealed in the bag until you’re ready to cook the shrimp.  Any method of cooking will do – in the pan, baked in the oven, on the grill – whatever your pleasure! 

Go ahead, unlock your imagination and get smoking with SmokinLicious® and Gourmia®!

Minuto® Chips and Gourmia® Unit

Dr Smoke

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