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Peppers are one vegetable most anyone can grow, whether in a full garden, raised bed, or even a garden container.  Hungarian peppers are one variety that is particularly easy and plentiful.  Be sure to view our technique for smoking Hungarian wax peppers as this spread recipe features a smoked pepper as the key ingredient.  Once you have your smoked peppers, you are ready to learn two options for a Smoked Hot Pepper Spread that have so many uses. 

 Both recipes are super easy and fast to make which allows you to keep smoked peppers on hand in the freezer and whip this up at any time.  Perfect as an appetizer or as a flavor smear for proteins, this hot pepper spread will be a favorite.  Plus, it makes for the perfect small gift when jarred and tied with a simple ribbon bow.

 Smoked Hungarian Pepper Spread Recipe #1

For the first version of our Smoked Hot Pepper Spread, the following ingredients will be needed: 1lb. smoked Hungarian pepper, ½ cup mayonnaise, ½ cup sour cream, 2 tablespoons prepared horseradish, ¼ cup ketchup, and fresh ground pepper. 

 Start by adding the smoked peppers that have been de-seeded and membranes removed to a food processor bowl.  Pulse these until small chunks form.  Measure out the sour cream and mayonnaise as these two cream items will balance out the spicy, smoked flavor of the peppers.  Add them to the food processor bowl. 

 Following the addition of the smoked peppers, sour cream and mayonnaise, time to add 2 tablespoons of prepared horseradish, ¼ cup of ketchup and fresh ground pepper. Blend until combined.  This makes approximately 2 cups. 

 Transfer to a container or individual jars depending on what you intend to do with the spread, and refrigerator.  Remember, if you prefer this a bit hotter, leave the seeds and membranes intact in the peppers before you pulse.  Now on to our 2nd smoked hot pepper spread option.

 Smoked Hungarian Pepper Spread Recipe #2

Our second recipe for Smoked Hungarian Pepper Spread starts again with 1 lb. of smoked peppers, seeded and membranes removed if you want to control the heat level, or left intact with just stems removed for the hotter version.  Placed in a food processor bowl and add 8 ounces of goat cheese, softened, and 1 tablespoon of Coconut Liquid Aminos.  This will provide the creamy balance to the heat of the peppers.

Once the goat cheese and coconut liquid aminos are added to the smoked peppers, time for the final 2 ingredients.  Take a ¼ cup of feta cheese and 1 tablespoon of milk or cream and place in the food processor bowl.  Start the processor on pulse first, then blend on low.  Depending on how thick or thin you want your spread to be will determine the exact amount of milk or cream.  Be sure to only add liquid in small amounts to prevent this spread from thinning too much.  That is it! 

 Lots of Uses!

For both recipes, this can be use spread on toasted bread, used as a condiment on grill chicken sandwiches or hamburgers.  It even works well as a smear under pork, beef, chicken and fish.  There is really nothing it cannot be used with including as a dip for vegetables.  Smoked Hungarian Pepper Spread.  Smoke the peppers in batches and freeze so you’ll always have them available for making one or both of the spreads super fast.

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