Thursday, April 28, 2022



There are many terms around the world to describe wood used for wood-fired cooking.  We take for granted in America the use of the term barbecue.  In fact, even that word has its spelling variations.  BBQ, barbeque, barbecue are just a few that relate to this style of cooking.  Grilling is NOT barbecue!  For many BBQers, low and slow charcoal is the way to go but consider this approach with a charcoal like product that accelerates wood smoke vapor and flavoring.

When Its Barbecue It’s Best with Low and Slow Charcoal Wood

Barbecue is cooking with smoke.  Considered an aerosol, smoke imparts the true flavor of barbecue.  You need a vessel to cook in and a combustible material to produce the smoke.  The number one choice is wood.

Not just any wood will do.  Hardwood is the best choice for Charwood.

What is low and slow charcoal wood?  This is wood that has the perfect balance of moisture.  It allows the wood to smolder, producing a flavorful smoke to foods cooked over it.  As you burn the wood it becomes fully carbonized in the form of charcoal.  When it completely burns, all that remains is ash.

What to Look For

Although hardwood is the choice for low and slow cooking, not every hardwood is ideal.  You should use hardwoods that are common: maple, cherry, hickory, oak, ash, alder, beech.  Be sure the wood is not “seasoned” for a long period of time or you will simply end up with firewood.  That means wood that is too try to smolder.  No smolder means no smoke.  No smoke means no flavor.

Also, check on where the wood comes from.  Natural forest lands are best as these woods haven’t been altered.  Be wary of orchard sourced woods which can be treated with chemicals or enhancers.

In the end, a true low and slow charcoal wood gives you the perfect balance in flavor and texture to your barbecue.  Learn why SmokinLicious® is the perfect brand for low and slow charcoal wood and explore the world of hardwood as an ingredient!